Medical Conditions of Pregnancy

An image of mother and child enjoying quality time together.Some medical conditions only arise during pregnancy. Some occur anyway, but pregnancy adds a new twist. Read here to find information on gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, and other problems that can occur and how to deal with them.


Cerclage is the placement of a stitch around the opening of the cervix. This obstetrical procedure is used to prevent spontaneous abortion in a woman who has an incompetent cervix. The stitch is made with non-absorbable material and is removed with the pregnancy is at full term to allow labor to begin.

Headaches and Pregnancy

Many women suffer from mild headaches early in pregnancy. However, these headaches should not be ignored.

Hematologic Problems in Pregnancy

Anemia is a fairly common condition among women. Due to physiologic changes seen in pregnancy, anemia is even more common than in non-pregnant women.

Immunizations During Pregnancy

Most women are immunized against certain diseases at a young age. When this doesn’t occur, immunizations become an important part of prenatal care.

Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Pregnancy

Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are collagen vascular disorders. They both have a predisposition for appearing in women during their childbearing years.

Multiple Births

Triplets and other higher-order multiple births, such as quadruplets or quintuplets, can be identical, fraternal, or a combination of both.

Multiple Gestation

Multiple gestation refers to a pregnancy in which two or more fetuses are present in the womb.

Multiple Sclerosis in Pregnancy

Multiple sclerosis (also known as MS) is a common neurological disorder that generally affects young adults. The exact cause of this neurological disorder is unclear.

Placental Abruption

The separation of the placenta from the site of uterine implantation before delivery of the fetus.

Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

One of the most important things a woman can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy for herself and her baby is to eat a well-balanced diet. Good nutrition during pregnancy is essential to creating an environment that allows the baby to grow and flourish.

Pregnancy and HIV

It is important that all pregnant women get tested for HIV. This is especially true now that there is a treatment that can lower the chances that you will pass the HIV virus to your baby.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Also called repeated miscarriage, habitual abortion, or recurrent fetal loss. Recurrent pregnancy loss is the inability to carry a pregnancy to term.

Renal Disease and Renal Transplant During Pregnancy

Although fairly uncommon in pregnancy, renal disease (kidney disease) can have fairly serious consequences in pregnancy.

Sarcoidosis and Tuberculosis in Pregnancy

Sarcoidosis and tuberculosis are two pulmonary disorders that can complicate pregnancy. Sarcoidosis is a chronic disorder that affects multiple organ systems and is of unknown etiology. Its prevalence in the United States is approximately 0.02%.