Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Treatment in Colorado Springs

At Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates we pride ourselves in maintaining high medical standards and keeping safety a priority for our patients. Hormone testing and hormone replacement therapy (both traditional and bio-identical compounding) is offered for our low risk women. To ensure to the best of our knowledge that a women will do well on HRT a full personal and family medical history will be taken, a physical exam will need to be performed, and a current pap smear and mammogram are required prior to prescription therapy. Hormone imbalances and the symptoms associated with this vary tremendously between women; thus we believe in the, “not one size fits all” philosophy. In order to give full attention addressing hormonal symptoms, many women begin with an initial hormone consultation appointment to discuss their symptoms prior to their exam. A questionnaire needs to be filled out prior to this appointment that will help identify if lab testing would be recommended and will help identify and focus on priority concerns. This process will ensure that each woman receive the full attention and time deserved.

Give us a call so we can answer any questions you might have about Hormone Replacement Therapy and set you up with one of our physicians!