Gynecology in Colorado Springs, CO

General Information

Gynecology makes up half of our practice here at Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates, but what does that really mean? Well, here it’s pretty simple; gynecology is the passionate medical care of women. Here at Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates, we understand that women have specific and unique needs at all stages of their lives. That’s why there is an entire branch of medicine that has been developed specifically for your care!

There are different guidelines out there, but we choose to practice in a way that ensures our patients are taken care of properly. We recommend that every woman of childbearing age (meaning sexually active, or over the age of 21) is seen yearly for an exam. At this time we will do a full check-up by listening to your heart and lungs, addressing any issues you’ve been having, and doing a pap smear if your are over the age of 21. If everything comes back normal then we won’t ask to see you back for another year. The reason this is so important to be done yearly is because if we can catch any abnormalities early, it’s much better for everyone. If something does come back as abnormal from the pap then we will do another set of tests that will take a closer look at the individual cells in your cervix. Treatment from here will follow in different ways for each of our patients. If you have a history of abnormal pap tests, be sure to let us know so we can put that in your history.

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