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Types of gynecological visits

So you’ve officially gone to your first gynecological exam. Congratulations! You have just taken the first step in maintaining a very important part of your health as a woman. However, depending on your specific health needs, you may need to be seen for more than just an annual visit once a year. In this blog […]

What to expect at your first gynecological visit

If you’re like many women, the idea of having a gynecological exam might seem a bit daunting–especially when you’re not sure what exactly that type of exam entails! However, as with any other type of medical care, it is important to be seen for routine gynecological visits in order to make sure everything is in […]

COSGA Races for The Cure!

Okay, you caught us. We may not have “raced” seeing as we finished the Susan G. Koman 5K in a whopping 50 minutes, but we did support the cause! We even got the honorary COSGA guys to “run” with us. The race took place at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on September 7th, […]

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

What is custom bio-identical hormone therapy? Hormone replacement therapy has been the subject of controversy since the Women’s Health Initiative study was released in 2002. This study found that hormone replacement therapy increased the risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer. What was not clearly discussed was that all of these women had been […]

21st Century pregnancies, now complete with mommy manual!

Today in the age of the smart phone, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to find that one perfect app to help in any given situation. Because of this, it’s not illogical to want to find that perfect app for your pregnancy and baby’s first months. Here are a few of our favorites! Similac: […]

The Affordable Healthcare Act and how it effects you!

January 1st, 2014 marked the start of many new policies written in the Affordable Healthcare Act that we wanted to make sure you are aware of. Birth Control Coverage: If your health plan either started, or renewed after the first of the year (and is not considered a “grandfathered plan”), you are currently covered 100% […]