What is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

What is custom bio-identical hormone therapy?
Hormone replacement therapy has been the subject of controversy since the Women’s Health Initiative study was released in 2002. This study found that hormone replacement therapy increased the risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer. What was not clearly discussed was that all of these women had been given synthetic hormones that were not “bio-identical”. In fact, the two hormones given were not chemically even close to what a women’s body produces naturally. The phrase “bio-identical” has become increasingly popular as women look for holistic and natural therapies to treat common symptoms associated with peri-menopause and menopause. Bio-identical hormone therapy as well as synthetic hormone therapy can lead to the risks of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer; however when needed, it makes sense to replace low hormone levels that are identical to what our bodies have been producing since puberty. A customized formulated hormone compound is tailor made based on the individual’s physical symptoms and blood or saliva lab testing. These formulations can be in the form of sub lingual tablets/troches, topical creams, gels or sub dermal pellets that are inserted in the office. These customized prescriptions are given with the current guidelines in mind that the least amount of hormones over the shortest duration of time to help symptom relief is the goal. At Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates we provide a three step process to fully assess the individual’s symptoms, risk factors, and general health status to ensure the highest quality of care. We are skilled to provide conventional and bio-identical hormone treatments including pellet insertion. Please contact Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates (719-598-0500) to schedule a hormone consult and see what may be the best solution for you. Next week’s blog topic; Five common Bio-identical hormones and what each is responsible for.

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