COSGA Races for The Cure!

Okay, you caught us. We may not have “raced” seeing as we finished the Susan G. Koman 5K in a whopping 50 minutes, but we did support the cause! We even got the honorary COSGA guys to “run” with us.
Team Cure

The race took place at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on September 7th, 2014. We woke up bright and early and started walking around the beautiful Garden with over 4,000 other men, women, children, and even some pups to raise awareness for breast cancer. Our team raised over $1,000 for breast cancer research, mammograms for people that cannot afford it, and grants for new equipment for facilities all over the country.


The Susan G. Koman team cure familyfoundation is known worldwide for creating an urgency in finding a cure for the disease that has taken 40,931 women’s lives and 443 men’s in the United States alone*. Breast cancer is caused by cells in the breast tissue of men and women dividing and multiplying at an abnormal rate that creates a mass. Breast cancer is not racist, sexist, or age restrictive. It will take as many victims as it can and will not stop until we stop it. Since the disease’s cause is still unknown, there is no cure… yet. We are not giving up! Here at COSGA we take the fight against breast cancer very seriously and ask all our patients and non patients alike to take the steps to catch breast cancer early. Use the National Breast Cancer Foundations early detection plan to keep up with any changes in your breast tissue . Please call us immediately if there is any concern.

Monthly: Self breast exam.

Yearly: Mammogram and clinical breast exam by a physician. We will do a breast exam with your annual physical and if you need a mammogram, we will get you the order to whatever facility your insurance will cover.

Hopefully our little stand against breast cancer will help

*Source: U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group. United States Cancer Statistics: 1999–2011 Incidence and Mortality Web-based Report. Atlanta (GA): Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Cancer Institute; 2014.

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