21st Century pregnancies, now complete with mommy manual!

Today in the age of the smart phone, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to find that one perfect app to help in any given situation. Because of this, it’s not illogical to want to find that perfect app for your pregnancy and baby’s first months. Here are a few of our favorites!

Similac: At your first visit here, there are some things that we might give you straight from Similac. This can range from free bottles and starter formula, to a bag to carry it in. It all depends on what they give us at that time. One thing you will be able to use no matter what though is their app (on the google play and apple store). In the app store search “similac” and you’ll see the “similac baby journal”.

    Why we like it:

This app is very useful for after your baby is born. It will ask if you are a Similac Strong Mom member, you don’t have to sign up, but you’ll get all sorts of free stuff and coupons if you do! This journal will help you document your new babies feeding, sleeping, and changing schedule for those times when pregnancy brain lasts long after your nine months are up. One of the really great things about this app is that you can call an on call feeding expert at any time of the day or night to ask any questions you might have. There are a lot more things in the journal you can record, and it will show your trends in each one of the categories.


this is a great app for keeping track of all sorts of things you’ll want to know, but may not be able to remember.

Enfamil: Enfamil is also a provider of some of the free things we will give you at the time of your first appointment. They will even give you a free sample of the baby formula if you fill out a card that will just register you for the “As Your Baby Grows” magazine. It’s free and is a $250 value, we think it’s well worth it. Their app is called Enfamil expecting baby, and is perfect for keeping track of your pregnancy.

    Why we like it:

This app will ask you questions throughout your pregnancy to help you remember little things you felt that you can actually share with Facebook, text, or email. This app is all about keeping your friends and family close to you throughout this very exciting time. These tips will change weekly, so it is very interactive through your entire pregnancy. there is also a countdown to your due date to help keep track of time. This app also helps when you think you are starting to have contractions by timing them for you. This can be a confusing thing to do, especially while you are in pain, so open the app and maybe let Dad time for you!
Another great part of this app is the announcement tab which lets you create your birth announcement and share it with your friends and family straight from your phone. This is a great way to get the news out to everyone at one time without having to call, text, or email single messages. Also, keep track of your to do list throughout the pregnancy, with their pre loaded things you need to get done each week.


this is a perfect app to help you through the pregnancy in any way you need!

Babycenter; My Pregnancy Today and My Baby Today are two separate apps by the same developer that you do have to sign up for.

    Why we like it (my pregnancy today):

This app resembles the book you’ll get at your first appointment “Your Pregnancy Week By Week”. It will remind you to take your prenatal vitamins as well as show your what your baby looks like at this point in your pregnancy. It will even give tips for you and your partner, as well as a checklist of things you should get done each week. One of the best parts of the pregnancy app is the birth club that shows you other women in your shoes that you can connect with. It really is a journey and these women are the ones that know what you’re going through better than anyone, why not share it? The last great part of this app is that it will let you count your babies movements. In between your 20th and 35th week of pregnancy you will be feeling your baby move all throughout the day and night. Only you will be able to tell what is normal and when something is just not right, but this part of the app will give you a visual that movement has decreased or increased over a certain time frame.

    Why we like it (my baby today):

This app has the same feel as the pregnancy today one, except it gives you a place to document growth, pictures, and great moments. There is the birth club inside this app as well, so you can continue to talk about mommy issues with other women in the same boat.

There are dozens if not hundreds of pregnancy and baby apps, and these are just a small handful of the ones we like. If you have found the perfect mommy tool of the 21st century, comment below!