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Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates consists of four providers, Dr. Peter Bianco,  Nurse Practitioner Melinda  Poland, Nurse Practitioner April Dodder, and Nurse Practitioner Cheryl Sivels who are committed to excellence in women’s health care. We care for women in all stages of life – adolescence , childbearing , perimenopausal and menopausal . Dr. Bianco is the only physician that delivers for our pregnancy patients, but N.P. Poland, N.P. Dodder, and N.P. Sivels will see a pregnancy patient throughout her term in case Dr. Bianco ever needs them to jump in. This way they can be fully aware of all our patients needs in case Dr. Bianco is unavailable to see you.

If you are needing just a gynecologist, Dr. Bianco, N.P. Poland, N.P. Dodder, or N.P. Sivels can see you exclusively. Dr. Bianco trusts the Nurse Practitioners and wants you to feel comfortable in choosing either of them as your provider. All providers can do everything in office, but Dr. Bianco is the only surgeon (with the N.P.’s as his assistants) and the one to deliver the babies.

On the other hand, Melinda, April, and Cheryl do specialize in hormones and Dr. Bianco will either consult with them on your needs, or let you see one of them directly.  Dr. Bianco, N.P. Melinda Poland, N.P. April Dodder, and N.P. Cheryl Sivels consult on many patients together, and you can feel comfortable that decisions are hardly ever made that either would disagree with.

Our office is located at 5333 North Union, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO.

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It is our mission to provide high quality medicine while emphasizing personal care. Our office offers the equipment to provide the latest in diagnostic and treatment of all gynecologic and obstetrical abnormalities. We emphasize wellness and disease prevention as a major part of our service.